Welcome to Off and Away! This site is an online journal that I soon hope to expand into a multifaceted website complete with travel tips, tricks, and recommendations! There is nothing more important and fulfilling to me than traveling to as many places as possible, as often as I can. There are endless possibilities that come from traveling, and with this journal I hope to educate others by using my personal experiences and anecdotes.

The posts in this site are ones that directly reflect my life and memories. The photos and videos are all my own, with the exception of a few that I take from my mom’s Facebook page. The writing is also my own, which will probably be obvious when you begin reading and notice that I write as if I am speaking to each one of you personally as a friend. I enjoy writing the way I speak because I love making my readers feel like they are listening to my portion of a conversation. Grammar is important, don’t get me wrong! I just think that on this kind of platform, I would rather use my freedom to be casual about my writing and keep things fun rather than stress over the technicalities. I try to capitalize on my wit, sarcasm, and jokes, so I hope I can make you laugh at least once!

That being said, I hope you find enjoyment in the content of this site. I always appreciate feedback, as I am newbie in the blogging world and I have a lot to learn. I ask that if you enjoy the photos or videos on this site that you contact me via email for permission to use them on other sites! My iPhone and I worked very hard to capture the essence of the included destination spots!

If you’ve read this far and are about to click over to another page to continue your exploration, thank you! My site and I are sending you a virtual hug!





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