Wake Up, San Francisco

At 5AM on March 23rd 2017 my sister, my mother, and myself packed our bags and made our way to Logan Airport for our nonstop flight to San Francisco. A few weeks prior, my mom mentioned that she would be traveling to California for her agency trip. I got so jealous that she was going to my most destined place in the country that I eventually just handed her my debit card and told her to book my flight. I did not care about the cost. The weeks flew by and before we knew it, it was time to go!

When the three of us arrived at the airport we got our Starbucks because obviously. The first real sign that this was going to be a life-changing trip was when the barista unknowingly spelled my name incorrectly. Instead of “Courtney” she wrote “Kourtney.” I was now a Kardashian.

Get out of my selfie, Kris Jenner!

My sister and I tend to be pretty obnoxious when we are in public together. We love pretending that we are celebrities being followed by paparazzi, so the entire time we were in the terminal we chased each other around trying to get photos and videos of each other. The other members of the quiet lounge were not too fond of us considering it was 6AM.

When we boarded our private jet and found out there were 200 other people on it and we were actually flying economy, we were pretty surprised.


Not amused that we have to share our private jet.

The only thing we could do was make the best of the situation given to us. My mom spent the flight reading, Alli spent her time IN THE *WINDOW SEAT* NAPPING, and I spent my time elbowing Alli for literally taking up the best spot in the row for NO GOOD REASON and snapping these photos!

A long six hours later we landed in San Francisco and began looking for our shuttle to the hotel. After a good half hour of waiting outside the terminal and not seeing one shuttle we called the company. Turns out they forgot to send one! Goooood. Once again, we made the best of it and rented a car that we would end up keeping for the next few days. From the airport, we made our way into the great city of San Francisco.


California is much more mountainous than I imagined.

Driving in California was exactly how I pictured it: lots of traffic but beautiful scenery. After about an hour we arrived at the Omni Hotel, aka our home for the next two days. We handed our stuff to the doormen who were incredibly sweet to us and we got back in the car to explore the city.


Welcome Home!


First cable car sighting right outside the hotel!

Not even two minutes into the trip we experienced our first uphill drive. TIP: Do not step all the way down on your breaks when you come to an uphill stop sign or you WILL start sliding down the hill. (Maybe I am speaking from personal experience. Maybe I’m not.) Those roads are incredibly steep but not hard to get used to.


“Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, and forgive my mother, she knows not what she does.” Please don’t crash us mother!

Only twenty minutes from our hotel stood the Golden Gate Bridge. I’d be straight up lying to you if I said I didn’t cry a little when I first saw it. It is absolutely gigantic and so beautiful!


Here she comes!


Someone pass me a Kleenex.


10/10 would swipe right.


We decided to pull into a viewing location and take some photos near the bridge. To this day, I can’t get over the fact that I took selfies with the GGB.


It was hard to walk away from the view I was soaking in, but our next stop was Muir Woods and we wanted to get a hike in before dusk! I know what you’re thinking, “you guys have been up since 5AM Boston time, went on a six hour flight, are dealing with time zone changes, and you’re going to hike?! Ok psychos.” You’re not alone in this thought. When my mom said she wanted to hike I looked at her like she had five heads but I went anyway because she’s my momma and I love her. It turned out to be an incredible hike. The drive into the woods alone was breathtaking and quite scary! Here is a peak of what the curvy road was like:

Once we successfully made it to the woods without falling off the side of the valley we went for a leisurely two mile hike. Staring up at the redwoods made me feel like a piece of lint. I felt so tiny! Look at them!


Hello beautiful


You forgot me! Wait up!




No big deal, just two ants staring at a tree.

We had so much fun on this hike. We hid in tree trunks, Alli pushed my mom to near cardiac arrest and pretended to balance on the edge, and all three of us bought super woodsy souvenirs. If you are ever in the San Francisco area, I strongly suggest Muir Woods!

On our way back to the hotel we obviously had to make the stop at the Tanner household from Full House. There are two houses that come up on Google when you look it up. The correct house, where they filmed the show, is on Broderick Street, which is actually a real residential neighborhood. Despite the quietness of the area, it was obvious which house was the correct one because of the groups of people in front of it and the signs all over the property like so:


I was hoping John Stamos would be inside and come join me on the front steps with his guitar or maybe take me on a date but filming unfortunately wasn’t happening that day. No matter, the Tanner house was something I finally got to cross off my bucket list.


Here’s a fun game. Guess how many people said “Have mercy!” as they got out of their cars in front of this house to take pics.


Honey, I’m home!

Once we got back to the hotel we were pooped. My sister refused to share a bed with me so I made a makeshift bed on the floor and called it a night at 9pm.


No it’s fine guys. Enjoy your king size beds. I’ll be down here on my cot.

The next day would be one that required some prior rest! Check out part 2 coming soon!

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