Dance Moms & Disneyland

Hey friends! Sorry I took so long, I’ll explain why later. You’ll love it I promise. But I’m so excited to be back to talk about Disneyland!

Disneyland is where the girls spent the last two days of our trip to California and let me tell you, it was quite the experience! When we woke up on day five at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, we immediately got dressed and headed to the first park. Disneyland has two parks connected to each other. One is Disneyland and one is Disney’s California Adventure. We started in Disneyland and obviously the first thing we did was get breakfast on Main Street. Main Street does have a Starbucks, which is where we got our coffees. But there is no better compliment to a nice cup of coffee than a treat from the Blue Ribbon Bakery. When deciding what I wanted to eat, I was torn between the rice crispy treat and the Mickey Mouse cake pop. Did I get both? Girl, you know I did.



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After breakfast Alli and I wanted to meet Goofy and my mom wanted to do some Main Street exploring. We agreed to separate for a little while to make both activities happen. Alli and I marched our way down to the entrance of the park where Goofy was taking pictures with his fans. We waited in line with all of the four year olds for probably 30-35 minutes demanding to each other to take photos of our ENTIRE interactions with Goofy, not just one photo of us smiling, so we could pick the cutest photos to put on instagram. We are pathetic. Here’s what we came up with:

Once we hugged and kissed Goofy, we went looking for our mom, who wasn’t answering her phone. We walked up and down Main Street asking people if they saw “the crazy lady with the blue Mickey ears and the pink rain coat” (did I mention that my mom is OBSESSED with Disney?). No one seemed to know where she was. We joked that she would probably be on the roof the castle or something ridiculous like that. Alli and I figured that she would eventually answer her phone so we decided to sit at a table and wait for her. I was digging through my back pack when Alli out of nowhere says to me “Court? Is that mom?” and points to a lady wearing blue Mickey ears and a pink coat sitting completely alone on a trolley traveling down Main Street via horses.


We both yelled “MOM” hoping that this embarrassing super fan was not our mother dearest. But low and behold, she turned her head and revealed herself to us. I cannot even tell you how hard my jaw dropped at this site. Guys, she was sitting ALONE on a HORSE DRIVEN TROLLEY….WAVING at people and taking photos as if she was some VIP member of the park. It was a site I surely will never forget.

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Truly iconic.

After collecting our belongings and our insane mother, we went on rides

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Leaning on her until she shares her popcorn.

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Selfie with the blue-eared crazy lady!

took a photo in front of the infamous castle,

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Wish you were here! xo

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Artsy, obviously.

and visited Toontown! Disneyland’s Toontown is almost like the Disneyland version of Hollywood. They have their own “Toontown” sign that resembles the Hollywood sign and sits in the hills of the park. There are little markets, as well as Mickey and Minnie’s houses. It’s every child’s dream neighborhood.

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The Toontown Sign! (feat. total stranger in the white tank)

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Don’t let Alli drive any car ever unless you want to risk your life.

Disneyland was a great way to start the day. Later in the afternoon, we made our way over to Disney’s California Adventure. Radiator Springs Racers was an attraction all three of us were looking very forward to once we got to the park, so we immediately made our way there. We got in line, which was just about thirty minutes long. About half way through the line, there was an announcement involving roller coaster technical difficulties. People were encouraged to stay in line even though there was no allotted time for it to be fixed. This may be TMI, but I REALLY had to pee. After waiting in a halted line with hundreds of people and only a few feet to move around, I decided I had to get out of line. I let my mom and sister ride it and I went to get a snack.


Me in front of the roller coaster I did not ride! Nailed it!

My mom and sister met me over by the farmer’s market where we had rice bowls (delicious, by the way). The sun was starting to set, so we made our way over to Paradise Pier.

If you are unfamiliar with Paradise Pier, this photo may familiarize you.

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oh yes, I took that. It’s even more beautiful in person!

There was one thing on my mind this whole day, and that was riding the roller coaster that was now right in front of me called California Screamin’. I love roller coasters, especially ones with the loopty loop thing. This coaster was everything I ever dreamed of. We got in line and not long after, we were flipping and screaming and zooming and almost peeing but not quite! It was the best roller coaster I’d ever been on.

At the end of the day we saw two shows. The first was “Colors” on Paradise Pier. This was a water show that obviously made me cry because the music and the images in the water were so beautiful. This is a must-see if you go to California Adventure! We also saw the light parade later that night after heading back into Disneyland. I did not pay much attention to this parade because I had a bigger task on my hands.

You see, my younger sister is a huge fan of the show Dance Moms, you know, with Maddie, Chloe, Nia, Kendall, etc. Well, as I was waiting on the sidewalk for the parade to start, guess who walked down Main Street? You guessed it! Chloe, Nia, Kendall, and two others. My immediate thought was “oh cool it’s the Dance Moms girls!” But my next thought was, “ok Erin would die if I got their autographs for her.” I got up from my spot, apologized to my mom for missing the show because she loves the Disney shows, and made my way down Main Street.

For many years I have pretended to be a celebrity, and it finally worked in my favor. As I walked I thought to myself “if I were someone famous in a crowded park, where would I want to sit during a show?” I narrowed it down to the front entrances, and then to the smaller entrance off to the right. BINGO. I looked over by the benches to see all the girls and their body guard sitting alone waiting for the parade, which had already started, to reach the end of the street. I walked toward them casually and introduced myself. The body guard told me to get lost a few times, but I was not leaving without SOME sort of proof for my sister that they knew she existed. The body guard would not let me take photos or get autographs, so I simply told them about my sister and they said to tell her they said hi. It was a little disappointing to walk away empty-handed. But alas, the power of social media came to mind and I decided to send a tweet out to the Dance Mom girls thanking them for being so sweet despite the circumstances. Chloe immediately replied to me and said hi to my sister via Twitter. Mission accomplished.



Around 1:30am the girls made our way back to our hotel room and slept in the next morning.

Our last day was casual. We walked over to Downtown Disney for some breakfast and souvenir shopping. My mom and I went off and sat by Starbucks, where she took pictures of me pretending to be famous. (Please don’t ever go out in public with me unless you want to embarrass yourself) The good thing is, I can’t take myself seriously so the photos became a joke and no one trampled me for an autograph.

We then went to A World of Disney, which is a giant souvenir shop in Downtown Disney. I got matching t-shirts for my boyfriend and I because again, I am an embarrassment to society. I also got about four mugs to add to my collection of the nine others I bought throughout the week. (I collect mugs, FYI.) Once I got to the cash register and my total was over $150 I decided it was time to lock myself in the pool area until it was time to go to the airport to avoid even more excessive spending.

The girls sat by the pool and entertained ourselves with our frozen margaritas and cheeseburgers, both hand delivered by the pool service people.

At 6pm we got dressed and headed to the front of the hotel where our shuttle would pick us up for our ride to LAX. We said good bye to Disneyland, Mickey, Minnie, and California as a whole, and boarded our red-eye flight back to Boston.


There was not a single thing any of us would do differently (besides maybe not booking any tours with Starline,and also keeping some cash on us to avoid screaming fights about ATMs in the middle of LA) and as time goes on, we constantly talk about going back to California. There truly is so much to see. No two cities are the same, and there is guaranteed fun for any person that decides to visit. Thank you mom for taking Alli and I on such a fun trip, despite our obnoxious public behavior.

Thanks for hanging with me! See you soon. xo

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