Solo Travel: Long Island Hauntings

Happy Tuesday my friends! Today is the second day of my solo road trip! However, I would not exactly call today a “solo trip” because I spent the day with my dad. He lives down here, so I have been lucky to stay here until the next leg of my journey tomorrow! Because of the tropical storm, our beach plans got cancelled. But I did some research and came to find out that Long Island is actually a pretty haunted place! What better way to spend a rainy, inclement day than in cemeteries and haunted cities?

My dad and I started out day of haunted happenings in Huntington, New York. Located here is Long Island Press’s number one rated haunted location, Mount Misery/Sweet Hollow Road. There are numerous legends that have been passed on for generations, some deemed 100% accurate, some determined to be hoaxes. On Mount Misery Road, there have been stories about ghosts, UFOs and strange people roaming the street. My dad and I checked it out to see if there was anything out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, nothing strange happened. I will say though, the energy felt heavy!

Mount Misery Road

Parallel to Mount Misery Road lies Sweet Hollow Road. This street is filled with so much heavy energy, I say that that enough. In the middle of the road there is a bridge where it has been rumored that three young boys hung themselves many years ago. At night, if you flash your lights towards the bridge, some say you can see their bodies hanging from the bridge. Underneath the bridge, it has been told that one night a woman was struck from behind by a car and killed while changing her tire. People have said that if you put your car in neutral under the bridge, she pushes you out from under it “back to safety.” My dad and I tried this, but nothing happened. I won’t 100% knock this myth because we were not there at night and I feel like it could have been a different story if we were. But I won’t lie I was a little sad when nothing happened.

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What I will 100% stand by is the following photo:

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I made it black and white so it’s more clear. The following is a clip I got from Long Island Paranormal Investigators:

“The 3rd urban legend of Sweet Hollow Road is the white lady. The story goes as follows: A lady named Mary and her boyfriend was driving down Sweet Hollow Road one night. They got into a fight and supposedly her boyfriend pushed her out of the car or she jumped out of the car while it was in motion, the stories differ. Then a car that was following hit her and killed her. It is said that when you are driving down Sweet Hollow Road at night you will see a lady in white on the side of the road and then when you go to pass her she jumps out at your car. The lady in white is also supposed to be Mary from “Mary’s Grave”, and people say that you can find her grave stone in the graveyard that is on Sweet Hollow Road.”

As my dad and I were driving down Sweet Hollow Road today, I went to take a photo and when I snapped this photo, it came up as almost completely white. Immediately after, my phone froze and I was unable to even lock it. It took a few seconds for me to click off of the photo. I don’t know if this is the white lady in the urban legends, but I can’t help but believe that it is!

I was satisfied with my experience in Huntington. I got kicked out of the cemetery before finding Mary’s Grave, which was a blessing and a curse because it was absolutely pouring and I was soaked through my clothes. If the weather was nicer I probably would have stayed there all day! But we had to get to our next stop.

In King’s Park, New York lies the King’s Park Psychiatric Center, aka “the world’s abandoned psychiatric hospital.” Building 93 of this center is one with much history. The following photo is Building 93.


While the insane asylum was still open, this building was home to shock therapy, lobotomies, and extreme antipsychotic medication. Because of deinstitutionalization and budget cuts, the center was abruptly shut down, and this location has been untouched since. Many visitors and authorized personnel have reported to still hearing screams and moans from inside this particular building. Access inside is not allowed, and to be frank, I was lucky enough to get this close. It was a bummer to be denied access inside, but you look closely you can see the ruins in the windows.


As the rain picked up, my dad and I made our way to the next destination. If you love horror movies, you may recognize this slightly remodeled house:

Yes guys, this is the Amityville Horror House! This house is obviously located in Amityville, New York, and what surprised me is that it’s actually located along a canal. The property has been purchased for $850,000 and as you can see by the sign, I was not allowed to stay long! It’s always odd to see a house in person that is so popular in mainstream media! I felt this way when I saw the Full House house in San Francisco!

Our last stop on this day of Haunted Happenings was at The Witches Brew in Hempstead, New York.

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Thank you, father, for showing us what all the menus look like.

This coffee house is super dark and spooky inside, with incense and candles everywhere. Not only is the decor 10/10, but the coffee is delicious. I got a drink called the Broomstick, which was basically a vanilla latte topped with whipped cream and cinnamon. Maybe it was the glass it was in, maybe I was just starstruck by the location, but this drink was so delicious and I would be content drinking this and only this for the rest of my life.


My dad and I paired our drinks with some spinach and artichoke dip, which is not the best combination but both parts were so freaking good that we finished every last bite! (TIP: this cafe is cash only, so if you ever find yourself here, make sure you head to the ATM first!)

This trip with my dad could not have been more fun, and I am so glad I had him there with me to see some of Long Island’s spookiest spots! It was the perfect way to relax and spend a gloomy day out, especially as I hit the road again to my next spot first thing tomorrow morning! I’ll check in with you all tomorrow.

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Thanks for reading, xoxo!

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