Solo Travel: Amish Country

Good morning friends! I apologize for the post delay, I did not get home until almost midnight last night and could not keep my eyes open once I saw my bed. Yesterday was an incredible day spent at Amish Country in Lancaster, Pennsylvania! I have always wanted to see this part of the United States, as I have heard so many amazing stories from friends and family. So, as soon as I woke up yesterday morning I hit the road to see it for myself!

Driving into Lancaster seems like nothing out of the ordinary at first. But all of a sudden, the road opens up on either side and the view goes on for miles and miles. I actually gasped when I saw it! There is nothing to see but farms and barns and small houses/buildings from the outskirts of the county. It’s when you drive through the winding roads that things start to pop up. My first stop in Amish Country was a place called Millers.


Millers Smorgasbord is not only Lancaster’s original buffet and restaurant, it has also been labeled: PA Preferred, AAA Recommended, Reader’s Choice and ServSafe Award Winners. At the Smorgasbord I paid $13 for all of this:


It was hands down one of the most delicious meals I have had in a very long time. The wait staff was incredibly sweet, the option of eating off the menu or getting the buffet was super convenient, and the view was incredible!

My view from the table!

After lunch, there was still so much to see at Miller’s. I visited the bakery for some free samples of jelly, mustard, and jam:


I went to the quilt shop (because the Amish quilt designs are one-of-a-kind they ask that visitors refrain from photos):


and I took a stroll along the property just to keep smelling the scent of pie that lingered throughout the entire spot!

Once I was able to pull myself away, I headed three miles up the road to Kitchen Kettle Village , where I was expecting nothing but a small stand where I could sign up for a buggy ride. Boy was I wrong. When I pulled in, there was a huge market place full of 40+ shops and restaurants! The place was incredible and I did not know where to start! I went over to the AAA Buggy Ride stand to sign up for my 60 minute tour, and with the 45 minutes I had before my buggy arrived I did some browsing in the market!

At 2pm after I finished my strawberry ice cream cone, I headed over to my buggy where my tour guide and my two horses awaited me (and 8 other passengers).


He was not my tour guide, but he was a very nice man!

We piled in and our actual tour guide Verna, led us through the village.


Doc (left) and Jimmy (right) were our two horses. Doc pooped 😦


A working tobacco farm! Because the Amish do not use electricity, they get their power from Diesel generators.


An Amish household!

We then came up to a dairy farm where we were let off to roam. Verna talked about the process of milking the cows and how the milk gets sent to Hershey, PA. She also discussed the horses on the farm, whom I was not able to get a photo of. Verna told us how most of their horses are males because the females do not always get along. This particular farm has 16 male horses and 4 females. We got to pet the animals too!


Cows waiting to be milked


Farm puppies!


A normal day for a pig.


Verna petting the baby calf.


This baby liked me a lot.

On our way back Verna discussed the daily life of the Amish, and how they differ from the Mennonites in the area. I learned a lot about the culture, and was so grateful for the experience!


Pulling back into the driveway.

My last stop in Amish Country was one that my mother DEMANDED I go see! It was called the Countryside Road Stand  . This place is famous for their soft pretzels and their fresh lemonade, both under $2 each! Served by Amish women, this place is perfect for a quick look at the day in the Amish life.



I did not understand why my mom had been so adamant about this spot until I took my first bite of the pretzel. Guys, when I tell you I yelled “oh my god” after trying my first bite, I mean it! It was so incredibly delicious! If I hadn’t had the amount of self control that I did at the time, I would have bought the 15 for $25 package!


I will absolutely be coming back to Amish country, even if it is just for the pretzels!

Until then, I am back home for a day before I head out on my next leg of the trip. Tune in this weekend to see some unique landmarks that you will probably laugh at me for taking a trip to see! Things are about to get weird!

Thanks for reading, xoxo.



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