The Oddities of New Jersey

Hi friends! I’m sorry it has been so long since my last post! I recently got a new job as a..

…dun dun dun…


How perfect?!

The job has been so much fun so far, especially since I have already made my first sale! For the last week I have been in New Jersey for some training, and this weekend I had two full days of free time so of course my perfect boyfriend got in his car and drove five hours to visit because he LoOoOves me.

I’ve mentioned before that I have a fascination for Atlas Obscura. (I have actually recently purchased the book! 10/10 would recommend!) So in my free time this week I put together an Atlas Obscura itinerary for us involving sites all over New Jersey! It was split into two days.

On Saturday morning Rob and I headed to Clifton, New Jersey to the Clifton Gates of Hell. Driving there went from urban to literally nothing but a train station. The attraction is supposed to be a set of dried up old sewer drains that visitors supposedly climb into. Inside is said to contain graffiti and objects summoning satan. (I know you’re thinking “ok so why would you go here in the first place?” Answer: I like creepy things.) When we pulled in, things got sketchy. When I was reading the link about it on the website it never mentioned anything about trespassing. But when we got there, the only way to reach the drain system was to cross a set of train tracks and climb down a ladder on the other side. I was not about to get arrested or hit by an oncoming train, so we skipped that destination.

We got back in the car and drove to the South Mountain Fairy Trail in Millburn, New Jersey. The Fairy Trail is a hiking trail filled with miniature houses at the bases of the trees. I thought that the trail was up in the woods, and because I love to pretend that I am right about everything, we walked right past the entrance without even seeing the giant “Fairy Trail Entrance” sign and ended up three miles into the woods with no fairies to be found. It was 80 degrees, humid, we were both in jeans and sweaters, and we were pissed off. Luckily we saw some cool graffiti that distracted us from the misery of the middle of the woods. IMG_8377.JPGIMG_8375.JPG

Once we decided that three miles was far enough, we turned around to head out of the woods. All of a sudden on our way out we started to see random little houses. One house turned into two houses, then three, and then we realized we had found the Fairy Trail…and the parking lot. They were literally five feet apart. Rob and I looked at each other and started cracking up. The cuteness of the houses made the annoyance of our sweatiness disappear.

Once we got our Fairy fill, we headed west to Chester, New Jersey, where the Telephone Pole Farm is located. This farm is exactly what it sounds like. In the middle of nowhere, a field of telephone poles that all seem to be cut in half, stand in rows. This farm was used as a testing site for AT&T in the 1920s. It’s also where technicians used to practice climbing and electrical work! I’m not sure if I would have driven more than the 45 minutes we drove to see it, but we had fun running through the poles! Can you spot the human in the photo below?


Fifty minutes away from this farm is the Gingerbread Castle in Franklin, New Jersey. Again, it’s exactly what it sounds like. However, it has been abandoned since the 1980s and it is practically un-touchable. The house is on a long winding road past a middle school and a police station. On the side of the road next to the castle is an abandoned warehouse building. Next to it is a parking lot filled with surveillance cameras and signs that say “no trespassing” “keep out” and “beware of dog.” These signs were enough to keep me from entering. I did not want to get eaten by a dog. I quickly snapped some photos and we headed home.


As if Saturday was not packed enough with activities and hours of driving, today Rob and I drove an hour and a half away for breakfast, and then spent the day at an art museum. Rob has been so enthused with this placed called Bagel Nook in Freehold, New Jersey. It is know for its overload bagels. I love Rob and I love bagels, so I added it to our itinerary last minute! The bagel shop is located in a plaza, and looks like nothing out of the ordinary from the parking lot. But once we got inside, we were blown away. There were 30+ options of cream cheese, and the line was so long but it moved SO fast! I ordered the Fruity Pebbles Overload and was not disappointed. 22448642_10210172557853962_5780793140226490419_n

The Fruity Pebbles Overload is a Fruity Pebbles bagel filed with birthday cake cream cheese and strawberries. It sounds like so much at once, but it was surprisingly so easy to eat and I did not feel sick afterwards, even with my dairy intolerance! I was VERY pleased and would absolutely recommend this to a friend!

After our breakfast feast we headed to Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey. Hamilton is located a few minutes from Trenton, New Jersey. I’ll be honest with you, the city is gross. The whole area is, actually. But once we hit Sculpture Way, the landscape was cleaned up and the area was beautiful. The sculpture park is known for its giant and bizarre exhibits. This place did not disappoint!


The Entrance



Find the Courtney!


Our feet got tired so we sat for a minute.


“So then I said you know what, take the money. I’ll just collect my things and go.”


You don’t *quite* blend in, babe. But nice try!


We got into a fight.


I feel you, I really do.



Mom & Dad


Like Vermont , I really did not think New Jersey was going to be filled with many things to do. But I was proven VERY wrong, and I had so much fun these last two days! Thank you Rob for joining me on this adventure and for being my photographer, driver, entertainer, personal comedian, and love of my life. There is no one I would rather take these trips with.

Until next time, xo.

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